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Tag Elkhazin

An independent consultant practicing under Subsahara Centre Canada/Sudan. The disciplines he has covered in Engineering and Development are: Water Resources in the Nile Basin, Oil Analysis in Sudan, Small and Medium Scale Development and Rehabilitation Projects, Feasibility Studies, Privatization and Restructuring, Logistics and Heavy/Out–of-Gauge Machinery Transport. The disciplines he has covered in Social Development and Humanitarian Fields are: Peace Building, Conflict Mapping and Resolution, Civil Society Analysis, Political Analysis, Internally Displaced Persons, Women and Children Caught in War, Federal Governance, Security Sector Reform, Human Rights & Human Right Commissions, Corporate Social Responsibility in the Niger Delta, Inter-Cultural Awareness and Communication and Community Development Initiatives.

Tag graduated from the University of Khartoum as mechanical engineer in 1964 and obtained his Master’s Degree in Experimental Stress Analysis from the University of Washington, Seattle, United States in 1967. He trained and worked in Sudan, Sweden, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Eritrea, Canada, and the United Kingdom in Water Drilling, Locomotives, Human Resources, Implementation of Infra Structural and Energy Projects and Project Equipment supply. He trained in Strategic Studies, Peace Building and Alternative Dispute Resolution in the United Kingdom and Canada. Tag is a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Institute of Canada and the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) London UK.

He was an entrepreneur in Sudan, The United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia for 22 years with operations and consulting encounters in those countries as well as Yemen, Ethiopia, Kenya and Egypt.

He undertook advisory jobs and conducted or facilitated inter and intra state mediation processes in the Horn of Africa under delicate and tense circumstances. He associated closely with the United Nations operations on relief and peace in Sudan between 1988 – 1998. He addressed at an early stage, the security arrangements issue for Sudan's conflict with the International Institute fro Strategic Studies-London.

He relocated in Canada in 1998. Some of his clients since 1995 are: Oxfam Canada, CIDA, World Food Program, UNICEF, Save the Children Fund UK, Canadian Senate, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, KPMG, Sudanese Businessmen Federation, Christian Aid/Azza Women Association and the International Rescue Committee, Canada Africa Fund, Mercy Corps USA, The Forum of Federations, The Centre for Inter-Cultural Learning. He has also been retained as Senior Advisor for the North-South Institute, Shell Petroleum Development Company Nigeria and the Right & Democracy Centre Montreal, The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation South Sudan, Mott MacDonald Holland, PACT of the USA, The World Bank Independent Evaluation of the MDTF-N through ICF-GHK UK, China New Era Group-South Sudan, Transferring Communities Ottawa, The Government of Jonglei, The Pillars of Knowledge for Research and Studies, Arz Nile Hotels South Sudan, FRIDE Spain among others. He is the author of several articles and assessments on IGAD, Oil, Water, Darfur, Women, Civil Society, Peace and Conflict Resolution, generally relating to the Horn of Africa. He attended and participated in many fora, symposia and seminars including the Participatory Development Forum in August 1999, the Forum of Federation in Mont-Tremblant in October 1999 as volunteer, the civil society consultations over NEPAD during 2001-2002, the International Civil Society Forum (ICSF-2003) in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia, and the Sudan Consultative Dialogue in Ottawa March 2006, he is an active participant in issues addressed by the Canadian Peacebuilding Coordinating Committee on Conflict Prevention, Sudan, Ethopia, women and children caught in conflict.

In 2001-2002: Tag was retained by Sen. Lois Wilson, Canada's first Peace Envoy to Sudan as her personal advisor. He was hired by the International Rescue Committee (IRC)-Sudan for a peace building assignment relating to Internally Displaced Persons programs and developed training programs for them. He was also funded by the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DFAIT) to address the issue of the Nile Waters, conflict management and food security in the Horn of Africa. He conducted need assessment for capacity development in Peace Building for state and non-state actors in Sudan. He did the early planning and intensive capacity development for a Youth Building Peace project as consultant for IRC, Juba University and Azza Women Association. He developed training manuals and capacity development modalities for them. The multi-phased project was funded by CIDA. He also delivered several presentations of NEPAD and Psychology of Conflict in Sudan, Canada, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Kenya. He identified six viable business opportunities for possible Sudanese-Canadian partnership and continues to be engaged in canvassing and promotion efforts to forge partnerships for post war ventures in south Sudan between local and international businesses.

Since 2003 he implemented an extensive CIDA funded project for awareness on NEPAD in Sudan, covering both Government controlled and SPLA controlled areas. Tag implemented a British Government funded project for peace building and capacity development among Internally Displaced men in Sudan. He developed manuals for a Peace Club Project for Internally Displaced Children of Sudan funded by Christian Aid and Azza Women Association. He was the team leader of a Heritage Canada funded program addressing better integration of Horn of Africa immigrants in Canada. Tag was resident consultant for a project in association with the Government of Sudan (GoS), Sudanese Civil Society and the UNDP Network for Peace Building in Sudan to strengthen the Sudanese Civil Society and the GoS organs dealing with them. The objective was to strengthen indigenous NGOs to face up to the post-peace agreement needs and challenges. Tag is continuously involved with women engaged in peace in Sudan. He is also in contact with organizations interested in researching means and ways of developing viable and potent federalism in Sudan as resource input for post peace agreement constitutional arrangements.

He has been retained as resource consultant as part of a team lead by Bob Rae, Chairman of Forum of Federations that went to Sudan and the Horn Region in March 2004 on a reconnaissance mission on Federal Rule. He was engaged with the Forum in their current Canada-funded project to help Sudan in the area of governance and Conflict management up to November 2005. He was a retained member of faculty with the Pearson Peacekeeping Centre participating in the teaching of Course CA35E- From Reaction to Prevention: Early Warning-Early response for Peace Building. He is also a retained consultant on Intercultural Awareness and Communication with the Centre for Intercultural Learning of the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs briefing Canadian Personnel assigned to peacekeeping or advisory missions in Subsahara Africa. . In October 2004 he was hired by Mercy Corps USA as resource consultant on the Horn of Africa to do conflict mapping and design interventions in Ethiopia’s SNNPR State.

The 4-momths contract ended in June 2005. Tag was the retained consultant for Mercy Corps for their USAID funded project on conflict mapping and interventions in Southern Ethiopia.

In 2006, Tag has been hired to assist the Forum of Federations to formulate their projects approach to Sudan. He has also been retained by the Canadian Peace Building Coordinating Committee to help with the design, gathering process and management of the 2-day international consultative dialogue on Sudan. He was hired by Foreign Affairs Canada to brief senior RCMP Officers on intercultural issues and country-specific information before their departure to Darfur, Sudan to train AU CIVPOL. He was also retained to train Canadian Armed Forces in Montreal for the same purpose. He was contracted by PPT and Shell Petroleum Development Company Nigeria for 7 weeks to train and deal with issues relating to Early Warning / Early Response and Peace & Conflict Impact Assessment. He is the Senior Advisor for Sudan for the North-South Institute and the Rights & Democracy Centre.

In 2007 Tag remains engaged with the North-South Institute in Security Sector Reform in South Sudan. He remains engaged with STITT FELD and HANDY coaching ADR, with the Centre for Inter-cultural Learning, and with the various Darfur actors helping to do process design for the upcoming talks. He also remains engaged with issues and analysis relating to the upcoming Census and elections in Sudan.

In 2008, Tag was heavily engaged with the North South Institute of Canada and their joint project on Security Sector Reform with the University of Juba. He undertook all the Institutional Capacity Building stipulated in the project. He was also commissioned by the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) to do detailed analysis on Darfur and the May 2008 invasion of Omdurman-Sudan by the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM). In the same year, he was commissioned by the Centre for Intercultural Learning of DFAIT Canada as resource consultant to develop the material for a by-password-only website on Sudan.

In 2009, Tag became heavily involved in the Water and Sanitation Project in South Sudan. He was first contracted by the GOSS to serve as Senior Resident Advisor to the MWRI. He was then contracted as senior consultant by the World Bank as part of the team of Mott MacDonald of Holland. The project is jointly financed by the Government of South Sudan (GOSS) and 6 major international donors and is managed by the World Bank and the MWRI under the set up known as the Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF). Tag was then appointed as Lead Advisor by PACT of USA to help out both PACT and the MWRI on Haffir construction in Jonglei State of South Sudan.

In 2009-2010, Tag has signed a contract in 2010 to engage with the Government of the State of Jonglei-South Sudan on several consulting terms extending into early 2012. He is negotiating a contract with Pillars of Knowledge for Research Studies to undertake Capacity Building Projects. He is engaged with Youth Groups in North Sudan seeking modern tools on conflict management and guidance on Nation Building. Tag also continues to be engaged in activities with Stitt Feld Handy and the Centre for Intercultural Communication. He will also reengage in the Water and Sanitation Project of South Sudan to consult on Rainwater Harvesting Structures during 2010-2011.

In 2011, Tag has engaged with the Government of the State of Jonglei for three consecutive terms of 2 months each all on the ground. He delivered two training sessions to researchers in Pillars of Knowledge for Research Studies on "Scenario Building" and Policy Issues relating to Sudan post July 9th 2011.

In 2012, Tag engaged heavily in training peacekeepers on Intercultural Communication, mediators on ADR, Youth in Sudan on Nation Building and was team leader for a field and evidence based independent evaluation for the World Bank’s Managed The Multi-Donor Trust Fund National in Sudan. The project cost was $750 million over 7 years and covered 15 projects and 7 States in Sudan. He returned to South Sudan as senior advisor to Jonglei State and the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation in South Sudan.

In 2013, Tag engaged with the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation and China New Era Group both in South Sudan. He is currently negotiation consulting work with 4 clients.

In 2014 Tag professionally engaged in the political resolution of the unfortunate bloody conflict in South Sudan. He had advised CEWARN/IGAD through a retreat consultation in Mombasa Kenya in June 2014. He is heavily engaged in issues of Community Protection of the archaeological sites in Sudan and the origin of the 5 notes music of riverine Sudan. He has worked closed during the last 14 months between December 2013 and April 2015 with the South Sudan Diaspora in Canada on awareness and advocacy for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in South Sudan. He organised two high octane conference on South Sudan Conflcit in cooperation with the University of Ottawa and York University both of Canada. He continued with his work on the ground in Sudan and South Sudan.

Tag is frequently doing conflict analysis on Darfur, west Sudan and North-South Sudan issues. He is a regular commentator in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and lecturing frequently on issues of conflict in Sudan.

He has been following up the political conflicts and economic development in the Horn of Africa and in particular Sudan and Ethiopia for over 40 years and is currently well connected to most of the Sudanese, Canadian and Ethiopian parties as well as other non-Sudanese actors. He has particular in depth knowledge of South Sudan; both developmental and humanitarian aspects. He is an expert on Canadian policies in the Horn of Africa.


Tag is fluent in both English and Arabic languages.