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April 2013-April 2014

  • Nation Building Program for Youth of Sudan in Khartoum and Kassala States. Two weeks of structured focus group discussions and training on dealing with Nation Buiding Issues.
  • Presentations on the Conflcit In South Sudan to Youth groups in Sudan and in Mamoun Biheiri Centre of Khartoum.
  • 3 days of intensive brain storming retreat in Mombasa Kenya organized by CEWARN-Addis Ababa for generating options to assist with the IGAD Process for a political solution for South Sudan Conflict.
  • Several Roundtable processes on Abyei dispute and the tribal component of that dispute between the Ngok Dinka and the Missieriya Pastoralists.
  • High Profile ½ day conference at the University of Ottawa and full day at York University in Toronto on conflict in South Sudan.
  • Development of 63 analytical articles on South Sudan. Most of them have been uploaded in our website under “Publications Centre”
  • 12 Focus Group Discussions for the South Sudan Diaspora in Canada in Ottawa, Toronto, Kitchener and London Ontario.

July 2012-March 2013

  • Term IV Consulting work on water resources with the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation in South Sudan.
  • Consulting work with China New Era Group South Sudan on contracting in the water sector.
  • Consulting with Jonglei State on evaluation of Haffirs designed done by FAO under Canadian Funding.
  • Team leader for a World Bank funded extensive independent evaluation contracted by ICF-GHK. The independent evaluation covered the MDTF-N a $750 million project for Sudan.

September 2011-July 2012

  • Term IV consulting engagement with Jonglei State
  • Several engagements on Intercultural Communication and ARD
  • Several engagements with Transforming Communities Program funded by the City of Ottawa.
  • Engagement with the General Sudanese Students Union on peace building.

January 2011-August 2011

  • Coaching Sudanese Youth on the extent of diversity in Sudan (North)
  • Continue to coach Canadian Peacekeeper on Intercultural Communication.
  • Developing a coaching module for the Centre for Intercultural Learning of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade on Intercultural Communication in the Republic of South Sudan
  • Second and Third Term Engagements with the Government of Jonglei State-Republic of South Sudan.
  • Several interviews with Radio France International and Radio Canada-Arabic Service.
  • Conducting full feasibility study and following up approvals and land allocation for a large hotel in Bor South Sudan for Arz Nile Hotels Limited of Lebanon.
  • Participation in Berlin on Sudan issues hosted by Heirich Boll Stiftung under what can Germany do during its term in the Security Council.
  • Coaching Sudanese Youth on “Nation Building”
  • Short term capacity building for researchers of Pillars of Knowledge for Research Studies.
  • Capacity building in Scenario Building for Pillars of Knowledge for Research Studies.
  • Development of an extensive technical Power Point Presentation on the Survey, Study, Design and Implementation of Rainwater Harvesting Structures and Dykes.
  • Presentation of PowerPoint on Haffirs in South Sudan
  • Development of an extensive Power Point Presentation on Mediation for the Business Community.
  • Presentation of the PowerPoint on Mediation to the Engineering Council of Sudan.

June 2010-December 2010

  • Development of extensive power point presentation on Nile Waters and South Sudan
  • Presentation on Nile Waters in Partnership with Ottawa University
  • Presentation on Nile Waters to the Umma Party of Sudan in Omdurman.
  • First Term engagement with the Government of Jonglei State as Resident Senior Consultant.

January 2010- June 2010

  • Second engagement with the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, South Sudan on Rainwater Harvesting.
  • Engagement with the community of Lui in Western Equatoria to study a barrier dam.
  • Participation in a 2 days international conference in Madrid with FRIDE on Darfur Political Process as main presenter
  • Development of “Capsules” research notes on Darfur and South Sudan.
  • Presentation in Toronto on Darfur with STAND, the student group.
  • Full day lobby in the Canadian Parliament in partnership with other organizations on Darfur.