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Areas of Expertise

  • Quality Assurance of study, survey, design and implementation of water harvesting structures.
  • Independent evaluation of Multi-Donor Trust Funds
  • Development of effective modalities of community engagement for sustainability of community development facilities.
  • Advisory services for generating effective policy option for ADR and community development.
  • NEPAD Awareness, Advocacy and Implementation
  • Advisory Roles
  • Faculty Participation
  • Coaching and  ADR
  • Water Strategies, Hydro Politics, Rainwater Harvesting Structures, Rural Water Supply.
  • Implemented a contract for the study and design of 130 Haffirs in Greater Upper Nile Region of South Sudan. Engaged with the World Bank, Government of South Sudan (GOSS), Mott MacDonald of Holland and PACT of USA as Senior Resident Advisor on water resources in South Sudan
  • Nile Waters Hydrology and Regional Politics
  • Close follow up of the Nile Basin Initiative. Awareness and consultation sessions on the future of the Nile waters and its 7 agreements after 2011 if South Sudan separates or remains united with the North.
  • Darfur Comprehensive Settlement Process
  • Continuous engagement, consultations, political and process analysis papers, visits to the region, and consulting contracts related to the conflict in Darfur. Regular comments and views in the Canadian media; both radio and TV.